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Front Yard Landscaping Secrets

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Front Yard Landscaping Secrets

 Your front yard says a lot about you. It is the first thing that visitors see, even before they enter your home. Your front yard landscaping often is the first impression that your neighbors will have about you.  Taking a little time to design your front yard landscaping will pay off with years of enjoyment.

Keep Your Front Yard Landscaping Consistent With Your House

Before you decide on your front yard landscaping, take time to choose a style that fits with the type of house you live in. If you live in a Spanish style stucco bungalow, choose a plant scheme that is compatible with this style of architecture. For example, consider terra cotta planters, draping bougainvillea plants and other tropical foliage. If you live in a sprawling ranch house, consider low growing shrubs and changing annuals.

Keep Your Front Yard Landscaping Easy On Maintenance

 Before you invest your time and money in landscaping your front yard, take the time to do the preliminary work the correct way. Invest in a good sprinkler and drip water system, complete with a timer. For years to come, you will enjoy a green lawn and healthy plants without ever having to worry that you forgot to water.
 Take the time to have your yard leveled before you plant grass, and have an expert give you advice on any drainage issues you might face. Putting the extra work in before you plant can save you lots of money and work down the road. If you don’t like the grade of your yard, it is easy to add top soil to your yard and change the level of your slopes.
 If mowing isn’t your thing, consider having easy to maintain groundcovers instead of grass as a part of your front yard landscaping plan. Many people prefer to have their grass behind their house and choose to landscape their front yard using shrubs, rocks, bark, or even flagstone.

Have Fun Landscaping Your Front Yard: But Not Too Much Fun

 It can be a lot of fun to show off a little personality in your front yard. While your front yard can be a great canvas for expressing yourself, don’t make it an eyesore that causes your neighbors to shudder. Having one garden gnome or a cute garden sign is fun, but having a collection of gnomes or pink flamingos can be a bit overwhelming. Strive to create a classic balance of whimsy in your front yard and your landscaping will be appreciated by everyone who visits.