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Peanut Allergies

Common Peanut Allergies Can Cause Fatal Reaction

Peanut Allergies

People suffering from peanut allergies need to extremely careful about just about anything they eat as many items made from peanut shells and oil can trigger as bad a reaction as experienced by eating peanuts. Many times people with peanut allergies do not understand that anything made from peanuts, even without the whole peanut being present can trigger a reaction, which could develop into anaphylactic seizure and death, depending on the degree of allergic reaction.
When most people of peanut allergies they think of the typical peanut, which in reality are legumes and many people with peanut allergies are also allergic to peas and beans, members of the same family. Although they are probably also allergic to nuts that grow on tress such as almonds, pecans and cashews. Some of the indications of peanut allergies include a tightness in the throat, difficulty breathing, stomach pain, diarrhea and vomiting. While many people have developed an allergy to nuts, it is fairly common in children and more children are developing the allergy than they have in the past.
Contrary to popular belief, it is very rare for a person to outgrow an allergy. In some cases, a person may have been misdiagnosed as having peanut allergies and years later it is determined their immune system can, in fact tolerate its ingestion. An allergic reaction occurs when the body’s immune system sees a nut as a dangerous object and mobilizes its defenses to fight it off.

Nuts Often Hidden In Foods

Peanuts are a widely used food product and can show up in places many people would never expect them to be found. While peanut butter is an obvious source of peanuts and is taboo for those with peanut allergies, many may not realize that crushed nuts are often used in sauces and in Asian foods such as pad thai. Additionally, an Italian sauce called Pesto is made from crushed nuts.
Many health food and energy bars contain nuts as do bouillon some favoring sauces. When a person has been diagnosed as having nut or peanut allergies it can be a life-saving decision to stay away from all foods containing them Even if not listed in the ingredients, persons with a high susceptibility to peanut allergies can suffer an attack with even a trace amount in the product.
Many of the fruit flavored cereals also contain nuts as do many candy bars and salty snacks. Potato chips can also be fried in peanut oil, which can cause an attack of peanut allergies in just about everyone.